365PDX#56: Last Thursday on Alberta (FREE)

365 PDX # 56: Check out Last Thursday on Alberta.

Every last Thurday of the month Alberta Street comes alive for Last Thursday. Part art hop, part street fair, part carnival- totally unique. Usually the warm Last Thursday of April is the big rally for this event as we move into Summer, unfortunately, the weather is a bit on and off today with the rain today. Regardless, as I write this post, it is likely that several dozen street vendors are busy setting up their stations over on Alberta Street.

I’ve been going on and off to this event for over a decade now, and know that regardless of the weather, there is always something interesting happening at Last Thursday.

There has been much talk lately about the future of Last Thursday- some believe it should go back to its roots as more of an art hop, and feel that the trash and mayhem created by it are a nuisance to the neighborhood. The last few years, the police presence has stepped up dramatically at Last Thursday with over a dozen officers there at once (which many feel creates problems instead of  helping). For many,  Last Thursdays mix of bike parades, fire spinning, dancing in the streets,food cars, sidewalk craft fair and clown foolery are what make Last Thursday so special, and they don’t want to see it change.  Personally I like the wilder side of this event, as long as neighbors feel they are being respected and trash is picked up.

Here is a pretty decent video of Last Thursday on Alberta I found on YouTube:

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