365PDX#79: Pizza Day. Who has the best???

365 Things to do in Portland day 79: In search of the perfect slice.

I used to love to complain about how bad the pizza in Portland was. I’m not sure if I’ve just been away from NY for too long, or maybe this town has gotten better making pizza over the years. One thing is for sure, we have a lot more choices now.

I personally like a more traditional pie- none of that gourmet pizza for me, and I think artisian wood fired pizza sounds great in concept, but I don’t like picking off all the burnt spots.

Personally, one of my favorites is Pizza A Go Go. If  I”m in North Portland, I usually stop in for a slice. I like their simple thin crusts and  salads are usually pretty awesome. It also has the perfect feel of a small neighborhood pizza joint. 3240 N Williams.

I also like Bella Faccia Pizzeria on NE Alberta St. I usually just get plain cheese, and love how big the slices are. Once for a kick, I tried the vegan slice. I don’t recommend it- pizza just doesn’t translate to vegan very well.

I have a few other places I like, but don’t want to give them all away. What’s your favorite???? Tell everyone on 365PDX Facebook

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