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If you’re curious about Alberta Arts District Real Estate or Homes for sale in the Alberta Arts area, you’ve come to the right place.
Alberta by name, is not technically recognized as a standalone neighborhood, but has risen in popularity. This neighborhood is plain old funky and fun. Many homes express a distinctive and artistic flair that suits the neighborhood’s nickname, The Alberta Arts District. The people prize their individuality, and you’ll find a multi-cultural demographics mix of locals and visitors.
Alberta Street, is the main drag. It has many newly renovated retail storefronts and restaurant space. These are mixed in with older businesses that have been there forever, and there is a contrast in the old meets new. The shopping area is considered trendy but with a local flair that is unique to the area. There are handmade local designers, paper mache’ lamps, imported gifts from afar, and the Alberta art galleries and shops showcase some fine local work. Throughout are the essential Portland coffee houses, seemingly one for each subculture, but you won’t find a Starbucks on Alberta, though, as it just wouldn’t seem to fit into the quirky individuality of the place.
And lets not forget Last Thursday, where thousands come once a month to view the art, the spectacle, the beauty of a popular street fair that has grown so large they block off the street so visitors can walk freely among the crowd. The best part is how quirky but grounded the neighborhood is. You will typically find modest homes with older East Portland architectural styles such as Craftsman style bungalow, cottages, Old Portland foursquare style, and other mid-sized, one and two story homes. The neighborhood has a lot of unique charm.

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4721 NE 31ST AVE
Beds:3 Baths:1.1
SqFt:1672 YrBlt:1913
4812 NE 13TH AVE
Beds:2 Baths:1.0
SqFt:2132 YrBlt:1926
5040 NE 10TH AVE
Beds:4 Baths:2.1
SqFt:2936 YrBlt:2013
4643 NE 32ND AVE
Beds:1 Baths:1.0
SqFt:1352 YrBlt:1922
5235 NE 28TH AVE
Beds:3 Baths:1.1
SqFt:1631 YrBlt:1910
4518 NE 24TH AVE
Beds:3 Baths:2.1
SqFt:2026 YrBlt:1924
4832 NE 7TH AVE
Beds:4 Baths:2.0
SqFt:2208 YrBlt:1909
4506 NE 32ND PL
Beds:4 Baths:2.0
SqFt:2572 YrBlt:1908
5421 NE 25TH AVE
Beds:2 Baths:2.0
SqFt:1876 YrBlt:1910
4925 NE 19TH AVE
Beds:4 Baths:3.0
SqFt:2706 YrBlt:1904
5011 NE 26th AVE
Beds:4 Baths:2.1
SqFt:2507 YrBlt:2014
4745 NE 15TH AVE
Beds:4 Baths:4.0
SqFt:3698 YrBlt:1908
4717 NE 15TH AVE
Beds:3 Baths:1.1
SqFt:2557 YrBlt:1906
5124 NE 14TH PL
Beds:3 Baths:2.0
SqFt:2705 YrBlt:1908
5332 NE 31ST AVE
Beds:5 Baths:3.0
SqFt:2970 YrBlt:1915
5030 NE 28TH AVE
Beds:4 Baths:2.0
SqFt:2691 YrBlt:1911