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Posted on 10/27/2019
Guide to Mortgage Payment Holidays
Are you having money issues? Well, you are not alone. Financial problem is something that affects everyone from time to time. When money is tight, and your mortgage is due, you might have heard this advice many times — " Take up a mortgage payment holiday" But before you do that, get this: taking a break from your...
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Posted on 07/07/2019
What Length of Mortgage is Best for You?
People focus mostly on the interest rate when looking for the best mortgage. Other than the interest rate, there are some other variables to consider when looking for a mortgage that is ideal for you. One of the variables that you should consider is the length of the mortgage agreement. There are various options available, so you need...
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Posted on 06/16/2019
Organize Your Important Documents
The last thing your family needs is to have no idea where to find your important papers and last wishes when confronted with a sudden illness or death. No one wants to talk about these things but taking the time to organize your paperwork can give your loved ones true peace of mind when dealing with your estate....
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